The production, administration and organization cycle of a successful industry requires systematic and standard processes, frequent investments and transparency. With our Quality Management System, based on the basic points of Trust, Loyalty and Preference, customers count on personalized service, highly qualified technical assistance, commitment to results, integrated production process and qualified labor.

IGUAÇU and its units have the following certifications:


NBR ISO 9001

Represents the company’s Quality Management System and how it is applied. Units certified since 1995: São José dos Pinhais and Piraí do Sul.

NBR ISO 14001

Ensures the commitment by part of the organization towards reducing the environmental impact, controlling consumables and the waste of natural resources, and preserving the biodiversity. At IGUAÇU, the plant in São José dos Pinhais is certified since 2006.


Internationally recognized forest certification that ensures the company’s Chain of Custody and Forest Management, respecting the principles for environmental preservation and the fulfillment of all national and international laws and treaties. With FSC®, IGUAÇU undertakes the commitment that a portion of its raw material and its reforestation shall be carried out in a fashion that is ecologically correct, socially just and economically feasible. The units at São José dos Pinhais and Piraí do Sul  have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® since 2012.