IGUAÇU Celulose, Papel S.A. maintains a Policy of Integrated Management and the concept of continuous improvement, in accordance with the applicable requirements established in the NBR ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Furthermore, the company ensures that, in all its units and throughout its entire productive chain, there shall be no type of forced or child labor.  It constantly aims to deploy standards of excellence in health and safety, in accordance with the Health and Safety standards, aiming at the abolition of work-related accidents and ensuring that its subcontractors adhere to the same standards.

It respects diversity and does not make any decisions based on criteria such as: race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and age, association with trade unions or political parties.

It watches over and ensures that, within its facilities, there is no type of physical abuse, harassment, sexual and/or moral abuse, and it respects its collaborators, guaranteeing them the right of association with trade unions, according to their free choice.

It complies with all applicable laws in regards to workload and working hours, maintaining the terms established in the collective agreement, in addition to wages and benefits, thus ensuring access for all collaborators, without any sort of distinction whatsoever.

It strengthens sustainable development by supporting the communities with which it maintains direct relations, through partnerships with solid entities that act on the development of children and teens or that are related to the company’s business.

It responsibly manufactures products based on renewable forestry and integrated production, ensuring the generation of value for its customers and for the society, growth and sustainability through the preservation of the environment.

It maintains ongoing dialog with customers, suppliers, collaborators, communities and other interested parties.