IGUAÇU Celulose, Papel S.A. adopts environmental management practices in all its units, collaborating, through responsible attitudes, for a more just society, environmentally balanced and economically prosperous.  

It is based on following the current environmental legislation, in reducing environmental risks, in pursuing the continuous improvement in regards to reducing environmental impacts, minimizing water emissions, atmospheric emissions, waste generation and practicing the sustainable use of the soil and natural resources.

The company invests in the sustainable development of its businesses, researching and searching for new ways of relating to the biodiversity, as it understands that its actions in the present must neither compromise the quality of life of future generations nor affect the balance of nature.

Forest Management of IGUAÇU in Paraná is situated in a region called Campos Gerais.
In these areas, the company performs reforestation to obtain wood and to maintain the conservation of a significant portion of Native Forest, which belong to the Atlantic Forest Biome, in a landscape also known as Mixed Ombrophilous Forest or Araucaria Forest.

In all, IGUAÇU manages approximately 45 thousand hectares of planted area. From this total, approximately 38.5% (or 7,241.98 hectares) are destined to the conservation and preservation of the remaining native areas, either in the form of Areas of Permanent Preservation (APP) or Legal Reserves (LR).