Instituto Ambiental do Paraná

The company, in partnership with the Instituto Ambiental do Paraná (Paraná’s Environmental Institute) – IAP, has installed at Piraí do Sul and at Castro, municipalities located in the influence area of the industrial unit, air quality monitors, whose objective is to improve the region’s environmental quality. These systems are interconnected and enable the verification, in real time, at the electronic site of Paraná’s Environmental Institute, the quality of the air in both cities.

Coalition Program

IGUAÇU takes part in initiatives directed towards the engagement in the National Solid Waste Program (PNRS): nationwide initiative, in partnership with the Brazilian Industry of Trees (IBÁ) and with the Brazilian Association of Pulp and Paper (BRACELPA), and still another nationwide, in partnership with the Association of the Paraná’s Pulp and Paper Industries (SINPACEL).

The action nationally involves companies from all sectors that, together, undertake the shared responsibility for the product’s life cycle and aid the Federal Government in reducing urban solid waste disposed in landfills.

In Paraná the initiative provides for the increase in solid waste collection, the creation of cooperatives for material screening, and implementation and coordination of new Voluntary Delivery Stations (PEVs) and incentive for socio-environmental education and recycling.

Municipal City Halls

In those municipalities covered by our forest areas, IGUAÇU collaborates with the construction and maintenance of bridges and roads in rural areas, in partnership with local city halls.