Our mission, vision and values
reflect our way of working.



We from Iguaçu, pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers, objected sustainability for the activities related to our products and services, through commitment to the following principles:


  • To value, respect and develop the human being;
  • Develop actions to prevent accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Protect the environment, including pollution prevention and other commitments;
  • Develop socio-environmental actions;
  • Meet applicable laws and other requirements;
  • To remunerate the invested capital;
  • Acting in compliance with good forest management practices;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of processes, products and services, objectifying at the satisfaction of employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and the community.


Maximize value creation through the sustainable use of forest resources.



Build a company of global excellence, making it increasingly competitive and attractive to the market.



  • EXCELLENCE: managing with focus on results, inspiring people to the permanent improvement of their activities and knowledge, practicing the principles of sustainability.
  • SIMPLICITY: make choices that privilege the usefulness, coherence and effectiveness of our work.
  • PRACTICE: to understand the needs of our customers, seeking to serve them with agility, objectivity and flexibility.
  • INNOVATION: to keep significant methods and processes leading the company to a vanguard position.
  • LOYALTY: to base our actions on ethical principles, to support our attitudes in truth and to build transparent and lasting relationships.