Initiative that aims at the integration of people with special needs into the professional life. In partnership with the Parents and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped (APAE), the project “Train” promotes the training of people connected to the institution in issues linked to the job market. Its main objective is to aid the dissemination of the education, training and inclusion of people with special needs into the job market or into society, according to their physical and cognitive limitations.

At first, it was deployed in Santa Catarina in the beginning of 2013, at the Piraí do Sul factory. The preparation process begins with teacher training at the APAE, through access to the courses provided by Senai and at the Academy of Excellence. From then on, students have gone to the units and take part in a monitored internship program in which the time of participation will depend on the adaptability of the professional. Next, the professional begins working on a part-time basis until he is ready to take over the activities in the company completely.

So far, the Piraí do Sul unit has already trained 52 people and its technical staff counts with 15 professionals in these conditions.

In 2014, the company was recognized by its work in promoting the Millennium Development Objectives, having received the ODM Seal – 2014-2015 Edition, which is a certification from Sesi Paraná, granted by Paraná’s We Can Movement and by the United Nations Program for the Development (PNUD) in Brazil.